Online with the Student Christian Movement

Tuesdays – Another World Cafe: Student Christian Movement online gatherings
6:30 pm,
“Another world is possible!”, goes a common protest chant. Another World Cafe is our weekly space for renovating our worldviews and stirring up our imaginations. Programming will rotate between our traditional Radical Bible Study, conversations about deep ecology and eco-grief, and hands-on zine-making sessions. Please bring your favourite hot drink, and a notebook or sketchbook.

Meet our pastoral care intern!

ECUT is pleased to be working with Faris Nimry to provide pastoral care and support for U of T students. Faris is a graduate student in his final year of his masters in pastoral care and psychotherapy at Emmanuel College. As a part of his internship with ECUT, Faris provides one-on-one pastoral care, a listening ear, and an empathetic presence. You may have spiritual questions or just need someone to talk to about what life is like for you right now. Faris is available to listen with no agenda or judgement. If you would like to book an online virtual appointment, please email Faris directly at

Chaplains’ Picks, June 9, 2020

Coming up in June
As ECUT chaplains supporting diverse students across U of T campuses, we want to affirm that Black lives matter. To our Black colleagues and students, we pray for your well-being in these heightened days of activism and awareness. May you have people around you whose support and care sustains you. God loves you. To our White and non-Black colleagues and students, we pray for a deep examination of racism and a seeking to dismantle anti-Black racism in your hearts, your lives, and institutions. May you find a community with whom to do this important work. God loves you. As chaplains, we hold a vision of God’s justice and commit to doing our part to make this happen here and now. –  Jeanette Unger

Along with anti-racism events, the month of June contains Pride and National Indigenous People’s Day!

Tues, June 9 – Let’s Talk Allyship and Solidarity
10:00am – 11:30am

What exactly do the words solidarity and allyship mean? What tools are needed to be an effective ally? Can allyship be a form of identity? Join us as we critically discuss, reflect and learn more about what it means to be an ally and to stand in solidarity in the fight to end anti-Black racism. This session is open to all persons. Sponsored by the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office at U of T. For the zoom link, check their website.

Wed, June 10 – Queer Compline with St. John’s West Anglican Church
7:00 – 8:00 pm

Gathering our Queer Eucharist community together again for Queer Compline: a form of nighttime prayers and lead us in discussion. We will publish a Zoom link closer to the time. If you want to receive an email when the link is ready, please register with

Thurs, June 11 –  Talking about Racism at Home
10 am- 11 am via Zoom

As conversations about racism impacting Black, Indigenous, Asian and many racialized communities increase in mainstream media, how are we translating this discussion into our personal lives particularly with children? Join us as we discuss different techniques and strategies parents can engage in to discuss current events and overall conversations about the reality of race and racism with their children. Sponsored by the Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office at U of T. For the zoom link, check their website.

Thursday, June 11: The Chaplain Is In: Animal Wisdom
11:30 am – 12:15 pm  “The Chaplain Is In” is a series of virtual hang-outs facilitated by United Church chaplains across Canada. This week’s facilitator is Peter Haresnape, with the Student Christian Movement of Canada. Be spiritually nourished in the company of students across Canada! Sacred stories of many faiths feature animals as guides and companions of humans. Explore two stories from Christian tradition. Register:

Saturday, June 13 – Emerging from the Cave- An online retreat
9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Retreat Leaders: Wendy Passmore, spiritual director and founder of the Centre for Spiritual Growth; Esther Townsend, local coordinator for the Student Christian Movement at York University and University of Toronto; and Carrie Cardwell, St. John’s artist in residence and registered psychotherapist. Tickets:  Regular $10.00, Students and Underwaged free, Pay it forward: $20.00 Register today. For more information, find it on Facebook.

Monday, June 15 – “The Rainbow Meets the World”
6 pm on Zoom

A queer multi-faith panel: What does it mean to be the open hearts of compassion for the queer
person of faith? Hosted by the Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea, Manor Road United Church and featuring Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Unitarian and Indigenous speakers. Poster can be found here.

Monday, June 15 – Faith, Spirituality and Wellbeing
12:00pm – 1:00pm | Register
Discover how faith and spirituality contribute to our overall wellness and mental health with expert panelists Rebeckah Price, Dr. Tayyab Rashid and Rabbi Julia Appel.

Thursday, June 18 at 4 pm – Pride @ U of T – Pride Concert
The Sexual & Gender Diversity Office (SGDO), First Nations House and Hart House at the U of T are thrilled to showcase the amazing talents of Indigenous LGBTQ2S+ musicians and performers. Artists include: Cris Derksen, Rebecca Benson, Mahlikah Awe:ri, DJ Jams and more. Co-hosts Riley Yesno (UofT Graduate Student) and Kathy Vi Mac (SGDO Program Coordinator) will guide viewers and listeners through this cultural exploration of Indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ Pride. Register at

Indigenous Digital Artistic Hub, Relations of care for human and more-than-human be-ings
This is a multiscalar site of Indigenous imaginings, futurisms, and land-ings that call us into radical relationality. The Indigenous Digital Artistic Hub is the first of a three -part series of online research creation hubs.  Click on link to check out upcoming events:

The Student Christian Movement at U of T (SCM)
The SCM continues to hold Bible studies, prayer and community gatherings  (including movies!) online. Find out more on their Facebook page.

Covid-19 Financial Support: Find financial support and funding opportunities provided by U of T and other organizations for students impacted by COVID-19:

ECUT’s Facebook page is a good way to find out what is going on and keep updated. Check us out there.

We are not alone

In the midst of all that is stressful, worrisome and lonely during covid-19, we hold on to the belief that we are not alone. God is with us. God is not cancelled. Love is not cancelled.

We continue to hold students, staff, and faculty at the university in our prayers.

We are posting regularly on our Facebook page – check there for updates and information.