Chaplains’ Picks, Sept 16, 2019

Welcome new and returning students to campus! We are looking forward to building community, supporting each other, and spreading friendship in Jesus’ name. May God’s love and wisdom be with you as you study, work and play.

Thurs, Sept 19 – Student Christian Movement Another World Cafe
6:30 pm, Divinity Common Room – North, Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Ave.

“Another world is possible,” a common protest chant proclaims. Yet it can be hard to see. Many of us struggle with anxiety and despair about the state of the world. Christian faith, which should offer hope, is often used to justify the status quo. Join us as we help each other to grow into a liberating faith: a faith that celebrates the dignity of all and gives us courage to challenge injustice and oppression. We explore the stories that shape our worldviews – the stories of the Bible, of history, and of our own lives – and reflect critically on what we believe and how we put our faith into action. @ U of T every Thursday. Refreshments provided, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Tues, Sept 24 – Grief Support Sharing Circle
5:10-7:30 pm, Room 114, Faculty of Social Work

Everyone grieves in their own unique way. When someone you love dies, you may feel isolated, angry, sad, guilty, and lonely. The grief support sharing circle is an informal mutual support group for students who have experienced a death, as well as students experiencing anticipatory grief. Please RSVP: and

Wed, Sept 25 – Qu(e)erying Religion: LGBTQ+ Students of Faith Social
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Multi-Faith Centre

As part of U of T’s queer orientation week, come  and meet other LGBTQ+ students of faith on campus.

Tues, Oct 1 – Blanket Exercise
4:10pm – 5:30pm at Hart House   

Stand in solidarity with Indigenous people in this interactive learning experience. The Blanket Exercise covers 500 years of history about Indigenous rights. Register: by emailing

Thursdays – Reading Sacred Texts
4:30pm – 5:45pm, Trinity College Divinity Common Room

Open to all students with an interest in studying Jewish, Christian, and  Muslim scriptures and sacred texts. Our close readings will open new conversations and discover interesting relationships across the three faiths. Pizza provided. Register: by emailing

Mindful moments (meditation & yoga) on campus:

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