What is Qu(e)erying Religion?

Wed, Sept 26- What is Qu(e)erying Religion?
4:30-6:30 pm, 2nd floor Multi-Purpose Room, Multi-Faith Centre
The Qu(e)erying Religion (QR) program is a campus initiative that fosters open spaces for U of T students who are interested in exploring the rich, sometimes troubling, and often sacred intersections of gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, religion, spiritual practice, race, and culture. Founded by the Ecumenical Chaplaincy at U of T in 2005, QR has offered at least 10 events a year and has impacted hundreds of students, often in a life-shaping way.
To find out more about the unique programming that QR offers, join us for an intimate panel discussion with current and past QR leaders and participants.This event also features a preview of QR’s “anti-Archive” – a digital space that aims to preserve QR’s history through memory. Over the course of 3 years, QR Student Intern, Alisha Stranges, interviewed 20 QR participants about their experiences attending QR events. Over this past summer, she has transformed these interviews into short audio-visual narratives, brought to life with whiteboard animation.


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