Qu(e)erying Religion: A Global Dialogue

PictureThe University of Toronto Qu(e)erying Religion Program invites you to an intimate discussion with international and domestic guests. The event offers the opportunity to hear how the intersection of religion and Queer identity is being lived out in different contexts including Cuba, South Korea, Kenya and Canada. All are welcome.


Elaine Saralegui, Metropolitan Community Church, Matanzas, Cuba
Jeon Dawit, Sumdol Hyanglin Presbyterian Church, Seoul, South Korea
​Solomon Gichira, Pembizo Christian Council, Nairobi, Kenya
Sheri Krell, Kulanu Toronto, Jewish LGBTQ Community, Toronto, Canada
Imam Habeeb Alli, Canadian Council of Imams, Toronto, Canada

Please register at: multi.faith@utoronto.ca

Refreshments provided (vegan and gluten-free options available)

Visit our website: queeryingreligion.weebly.com




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