Campus, Community & Covid, Nov 23, 2021 at noon

On Tuesday, Nov 23 at noon on Zoom, join The Ecumenical Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto for a conversation on the themes of community, COVID and campus life. We’ve invited our panelists to help us reflect: What does community mean to you? How do you create community on campus? What role does spirituality play? How has the pandemic affected community with the students you work with? Successes? Challenges?


Meet the panelists:
Rupi K. Jhutti is a registered psychotherapist who provides psycho-spiritual care at St. George campus and supports the Sikh Students Association (SSA).
Divy Sallentes Uptegrove is the General Secretary of Student Christian Movement Canada. They came into SCM leadership during the pandemic, with years of experience leading communities in digital spaces.
Imam Yasin Dwyer is the executive director of Muslim Chaplaincy of Toronto. As well as working alongside many non-profit organizations, Imam Yasin was the first full-time Muslim chaplain to work with the Correctional Service of Canada.
Leonard Clarke Jr is an Associate Chaplain with ECUT at the Scarborough campus of U of T where he offers grief, family, and general counsel, in addition to administering the rites and rituals of the Christian faith. 
Rabbi Ariella Rosen is the Senior Director and Senior Jewish Educator at Hillel U of T. She moved to Toronto from New York City, where she previously worked as the admissions director for the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Meet Charlotte, student chaplain

Picture of Charlotte with long hair and smiling

Charlotte (she/her) is completing the Master of Pastoral Studies (Buddhism) program at Emmanuel College.  Her undergraduate degree is from Queen’s University, where she studied history and religion.  Before TST, Charlotte studied at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where she researched teachers’ use of mindfulness in the classroom. Charlotte grew up in the Roman Catholic tradition, and became interested in Buddhism as a young adult.  This spurred a lifelong interest in and practice of mindfulness.  She has work experience in group facilitation, student mentoring, and youth mental health. Charlotte is currently pursuing the Certificate in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy with TST.  She is available for mindfulness-based counselling for students at U of T.  She also runs a weekly Spirituality and Mental Health group with ECUT.  She enjoys camping, chocolate anything, and reading novels.

Join KAIROS for a young adult and youth event. We will begin from a place of gratitude for the gifts of mother earth, then hear from several experienced, trailblazing young activists in Canada and the Global South who have partnered with KAIROS along the way. This is an incredible way to mark KAIROS’ 20th anniversary by discovering the issues these young activists are most passionate about and learning how we can all make a difference, in big and small ways, right now and as we look ahead into the future.