Ecology and Spirituality – A Conversation

Group of students standing around a tree in winter

How does ecological awareness inform our spirituality? How can spiritual practices help ground us as we engage in environmental work? How do these intersections inform how we live, work, study and organize – and can these differ based on our personal faith – or unfaith?

Join us for a conversation with student leaders and campus organizers.

The panel of student leaders and campus organizers includes: Fatima Mohammed, ecology and spirituality intern with the Multi-Faith Centre; Esther Townshend, coordinator of the Student Christian Movement in the GTA; and Tristan Laing, Director of Education and Community with Regenesis, an environmental organization.

The conversation will be held via Zoom on December 8, 2020, 7 pm – 8:30 pm. The Zoom link will be sent to participants after registering on the Evenbrite page:

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